Full Mouth Reconstruction

Your quality of life can be severely impacted by dental problems. Damaged teeth detract from your appearance, make it difficult to enjoy the foods you love, and can cause a lot of discomfort. 

Our focus is on treating patients who have complex dental problems or cosmetic concerns. The type of restorative dentistry treatments we use varies by individual and is based on your specific needs and goals. With an eye toward esthetics, we can help you achieve optimal oral health, restore function, and transform your smile. 

Sometimes a variety of dental problems come together at once, leaving you to face some difficult choices about your treatment. There’s a lot to think about, and you can rely on us to help you find the most effective solution for you. If we find that one basic cosmetic or restorative treatment isn’t enough to resolve these issues, Dr. Simanovich may recommend full mouth reconstruction. 

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Treatment may be as basic a single dental crown, or you may require full mouth reconstruction using a combination of restorative and prosthetic treatments. We want to help you enjoy a healthy, vibrant smile, but the steps we take to achieve that goal are unique to each individual. 

There are so many solutions to choose from that we can correct virtually any problem you’re experiencing. Every case is different, but Dr. Simanovich and our team will design a plan that is tailored specifically for your situation. Your treatment may include services such as:

Crowns & Bridges – Crowns are a type of restoration that covers or “caps” all or most of your natural tooth. A bridge is a fixed dental appliance that is attached to adjacent teeth to fill the space left by a missing tooth or teeth. 
Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings – The material used for composite fillings is unique because it can be shaded to match the color of your natural teeth. Tooth-colored composites build up teeth damaged by erosion in a process called dental bonding, which can also be used to repair cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth.
Dental Implants and Dentures – We can choose from several options if one or more teeth are missing. Dental implants mimic the appearance and function of a natural tooth and are a stand-alone tooth replacement. Implants are also an effective solution for stabilizing bridges and dentures. Complete or partial dentures can be used if you’re missing several teeth, and implant-supported dentures provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience.
Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain veneers are a very popular treatment because they can resolve a number of cosmetic dental concerns. Veneers not only improve the esthetics of your smile, but also the health and function of your teeth. 

There’s certainly a lot to consider if you have multiple dental problems that need attention. Our approach is to encourage you to be an active partner in your oral health care. We take the necessary time to learn about your wants and needs, always focusing on your overall wellness.

Please Call us to Arrange a Consultation

As you can see, you have many options. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of each, and you are always in control of the direction your treatment takes. The best place to start is by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Simanovich. Once we evaluate the current state of your oral health, we can make appropriate recommendations and work with you to develop a sound treatment plan.